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The main goal of Si-Labs is to provide a ground-breaking facility to students, where they are encouraged to use all of their mental strength, think in new and innovative ways, make the most of the technological equipment, deal with problems as opportunities and not setbacks and build strong team spirit and communication skills. Si-Labs are by principle a space created to not resemble at all the strict classroom environment, but on the contrary transfer students in a different world of inspiration, creativity, and privacy, in order to achieve the best stimulation for the brain


“This document is meant to assist humanitarian actors, youth-led organizations, and young people themselves across sectors, working at local, country, regional, and global levels in their response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. It proposes a series of actions that practitioners and young people can take to ensure that COVID-19 preparedness, response plans, and actions, are youth-inclusive and youth-focused – with and for young people.”


World Youth Report on Youth Civic Engagement: The objective of the Report is to provide a basis for policy discussions around youth civic engagement in order to ensure that young people are able to participate fully and effectively in all aspects of the
societies in which they live.

youth civic engagement