Several entities from different countries of the European Union have joined together to take this initiative forward. They have for sure different experiences and backgrounds, but the same passion.





Leeds Beckett University (LBU) is one of the largest and most well-established providers of Youth Work training and education in the UK. As an HEI, LBU has experience in curriculum design and teaching experience in both face to face and distance learning formats. Their graduates bring much-needed skills to the local economy, from teachers and nurses to lawyers and engineers. Their mission is to ensure we use our knowledge and resources to make a positive and decisive difference to people, communities and organisations. Creating inspirational teaching and learning environments for our students and staff is key to this. A key area of teaching and research across the university is enterprise and innovation, and the role that enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation play in the economy and contemporary society.

Amadora INOVA is a municipal company created in 2016 with legal personality, administrative and financial autonomy and its own assets and belonging exclusively to the municipality of Amadora with a mandate to develop, within the broader municipal strategy and based on strategic objectives: solutions for quality education designed to reduce school dropout and unsuccess; solutions to fight poverty and promote social inclusion; solution to promote equal opportunities; solutions for entrepreneurship promotion and support; solutions for sustainable and high value projects for the city through innovative approaches based on cooperation.

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APROXIMAR,  Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social – Portugal

artemus cooperative

ArteMus – Italy

Aproximar is a non-profit NGO aiming to enhance organisations’ social and human capital as a strategy to build their capacity to take advantage of challenges and opportunities raised by the external conditions. In fulfilling its mission Aproximar organises and manages personal, social, professional and organizational paths by means of tailor-made and social innovation projects and good practices transference and dissemination. Aproximar develops, implements and provides services in 4 main sectors: Criminal Justice System; Education, Training and Social Capital; Active Ageing; and Social Economy, Entrepreneurship and Employability. For each sector, they offer social innovation projects, tailor-made training and capacity building processes.

The ArteMus Cooperative was founded in 2018 by a group of graduates and specialists in the field of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, and first and foremost linked to the territory and art and history enthusiasts. Our services are aimed at the enhancement, use and management of the tourist offer to the rich historical, archaeological, artistic, archival and environmental heritage of the territory. The cooperative ArteMus manages the Museum and the Tourist Information Centre of Ascoli Satriano and organizes guided tours, workshops and educational activities, conferences, book presentations, concerts and any other cultural activities.

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Kadin ve Genc Girisim Merkezi Dernegi – Woman and Young Entrepreneurship Centre Association – Turkey

I & F Education is an Irish based organisation working in and from Dublin for the educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of language acquisition, sport and personal development, youth and entrepreneurship. We stress and put the emphasis on lifelong learning as well as adult learning. We also work in the areas of social inclusion and diversity. The Inclusion and Diversity Programme devised by I & F develops project ideas with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity. It also develops trustworthy partnerships and engages with programmes in a meaningful way.

Woman and Young Entrepreneurship Centre Association is a non-profit organization and founded on March 2008, since 12 years, we are non-political organization, and working which aims at empowering youth, human rights, entrepreneurship, agriculture, tourism, woman, democracy, promoting peace and integration among people with different backgrounds, through assisting them in acquiring knowledge about different traditions and cultures, developing their tolerance and acceptance.


Prometeus – Italy


Synergia Puglia – France

Prometeus has been providing public and private bodies with the following services: – strategic planning and territorial planning aimed at local development; – technical-administrative assistance for the design and presentation of project initiatives, as well as for the management of the entire project lifecycle; – social and work inclusion programs for disadvantaged young people; – creation of networks; – designing educational and social services and facilities for teenagers and young people.

Synergia Puglia is a non-profit organisation settled in France and founded in March 2014 with the aim of building a local, creative, inclusive and supporting exchange network. The core members are young professionals and artists born in Puglia or in other Italian regions and currently living in Paris or in the Ile de France area. The organisation gathers French people
too and people of any nationality and condition who show interest in Apulian culture or who want to cooperate in our projects.
Synergia Puglia is a totally independent organisation. It is conceived as a place to exchange experiences and skills, ideas and projects in order to create opportunities and to realize different forms of cooperation both among individuals, organisations and institutions between France and Italy.

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